All of Your E-Commerce Metrics and Reports in One Place

Polaric by Sproutward’s Dashboards provide a comprehensive set of e-commerce analytics and reporting that is up-to-date, accurate, and curated by experienced e-commerce practitioners.

Align all your teams around a common set of metrics and reports.

Spend time debating the best way to grow your business, not debating the data.

How Polaric by Sproutward Works

Data Integrations

Polaric automatically integrates data from any platform, system, or even Excel spreadsheets to create a single view of your customer, revenue, marketing spend, and business.

Transform & Harmonize

Channel and campaign data are stitched together using a proprietary blend of data models. The result is a clean view of your data in a single place.

Polaric can also automate the summary of all campaign data based on your business objectives, such as Acquisition vs. Retention, Brand vs. Non-Brand, or Paid vs. Owned.

Dashboards & Alerts

Polaric’s Dashboards deliver KPIs and metrics in 40+ standard reports for stakeholders, including executive leaders, marketing, and operations and finance professionals. All Dashboards can be customized for each customer’s requirements and are optimized for mobile devices

Polaric alerts make it easy to stay on top of important changes in key performance metrics. Any and all reports can be delivered automatically via email to stakeholders.

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