All Your E-Commerce Data in One Place

Polaric by Sproutward unifies data from all of your sales, marketing, operations, and financial data sources and blends them into a single view of your business. Whether your data is accessible via API, FTP, shared Google Sheets, or even email attachments, we can pick it up.

Spend time analyzing data and making better decisions, not cutting, pasting, and scrubbing data in spreadsheets

Make better, faster decisions with more accurate and frequent updates on all key metrics

Hundreds of Pre-Built Integrations

Our goal is to collect ALL of your e-commerce data into a single place. Not just the big ones such as Facebook and Google Ads. By leveraging our library of API connectors, we can start collecting your data immediately. Below are some of our most popular data sources:



Polaric by Sproutward uses pre-built APIs to connect and combine all your data sources to create a single view of your business.

Your data is stored and managed in Sproutward’s cloud-based data center to ensure best-in-class security and availability.

Polaric synchronizes data from all your sources on a daily basis to deliver timely insights on key business metrics and KPIs.




Polaric’s Google Sheets and SFTP-based data import tools automate the collection of data, such as:

  • Forecast(s) on Sales and Net Sales
  • Forecast(s) on AOV, conversion metrics, and more
  • Fiscal calendars
  • Currency Conversions
  • Merchandise Attributes & Product COGS

By bringing together online and offline data sources, Polaric publishes performance metrics that are critical for steering your company’s growth


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