E-Commerce Analytics for Growing D2C Businesses

Polaric by Sproutward automatically connects, combines, and analyzes your data—so you can make better decisions to grow your business.


The Problems We Solve:

Data is everywhere.

Mountains of data are siloed in 100s of platforms and systems.


New sources emerge all the time.


Too much time is spent accessing and combining data.

Brands don't move past basic metrics.

Manual calculations and data gymnastics are required to create meaningful KPIs such as customer LTV, CAC, and net profit.


Most teams cannot make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing and product strategy.

Excel reporting does not scale.

Manual and Excel-based reporting is prone to errors.


Infrequent updates mean data is not actionable.


Siloed reporting creates confusion across teams.

Automated Data Connections

Polaric by Sproutward automatically integrates data from any platform, system, or even Excel spreadsheets to create a single view of your customer, revenue, marketing spend, and business.

Data Transformation

Construct custom metrics, including forecasts and currency conversions.

Create enriched Customer Profiles, including at-risk segmentations, full order history, lifetime value, and engagement across marketing channels

Automate tagging clean-up and channel classification.

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Analytics Dashboards

Polaric’s Dashboards deliver KPIs and metrics in 40+ standard reports for stakeholders, including executive leaders, marketing, and operations and finance professionals. All Dashboards can be customized for each customer’s requirements and are optimized for mobile devices

Configurable Alerts and Automations

Polaric alerts make it easy to stay on top of important changes in key performance metrics. Any and all reports can be delivered automatically via email to stakeholders.

Polaric by Sproutward is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we deliver more than just a great platform!

  1. Polaric is designed by e-commerce practitioners for e-commerce practitioners.
  2. All our customers work with one of Sproutward’s Customer Success consultants on an ongoing relationship, not just during the set-up phase.
  3. All of Polaric’s metrics and dashboards can be configured uniquely for every customer.
  4. Our expert team helps identify insights, measures campaign and channel effectiveness, and recommends ways to optimize marketing spend.

“Before [Polaric by Sproutward], dozens of team members spent countless hours manually loading cost and performance data across our global properties. We now have over 100 data feeds flowing automatically into [Polaric] giving our global teams a single view of performance at the start of each day, allowing them to focus on driving business.”

Head of Digital Commerce, Crocs

“[Polaric by Sproutward] gives us daily visibility into new customers, marketing spend, and CAC – enabling us to chase opportunity in real-time… What distinguishes this solution is Sproutward’s ability to translate business challenges into analytical requirements and actionable insights.”

SVP Digital, Hanna Andersson

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We have in-house expertise with many of the marketing and analytics platforms you’re already using.