Because we understand that “garbage in is garbage out“.

Sproutward’s Datahub takes messy data and makes it pretty. But better yet, we make it useful for delivering insights to maximize your business results.

Create and share metrics that make sense for your business.

Save countless hours manipulating and scrubbing data from different sources and formats.

Channel Mapping

At Sproutward, we know that not all of our customers’ data is consistently labeled and organized across the many and ever-changing platforms you use to market and sell.

DataHub automates the tagging clean-up of campaign data so that channel and campaign performance can be accurately assessed.


Channel Classification and Roll-ups

Datahub also automates the logical grouping of data and analytics based on the way you want to monitor and measure your business.

For example, Datahub automates the summary of reporting across all Paid Social or Paid Search platforms

Datahub can also automate the summary of all campaign data based on business objectives, such as Acquisition vs. Retention

Customer Profile Enrichment

Quantify profitability for each Customer

Create and full transactions history for each Customer

Easily identify high value or at-risk customer segments

Currency Conversion

Working with multiple currencies can be a pain. Datahub automates currency conversion to enable side-by-side comparison across platforms and markets.


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