All Your Marketing Data in One Place

Sproutward DataHub unifies data from all of your marketing sources and blends them into a single view of your business. Whether your data is accessible via API, FTP, shared Google Sheets, or even email attachments, we can pick it up.

Hundreds of Pre-built Integrations

Our goal is to collect ALL of your marketing data into a single place.  Not just the big ones such as Facebook and Google Ads, but leveraging our library of API connectors we can start collecting your data immediately. Below are some of our most popular data sources.

What Sets Sproutward DataHub Apart

Centralized Marketing Data

No need to log into each of your marketing platforms to get insight from your campaigns. Quickly view all of your marketing data in DataHub.

Automatic Data Collection

Say goodbye to the need for manually pulling data into Excel.  Data is pulled directly from the source automatically each day and loaded into DataHub.

Custom Calendars

Load your custom fiscal calendar and view your data using date ranges that make sense to your business.

Pre-built and Custom Dashboards

Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards or work with our team to develop a custom dashboard perfect for your business.

Segmentation On-the-Fly

Explore and segment your data using built-in filters, and watch the dashboard update on-the-fly.

Roll-ups & Breakdowns

We collect and stitch data at a granular level.  View top-line channel reports and quickly drill-down into the data to surface detailed insight.

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How Sproutward DataHub Works

Benefits of Sproutward DataHub

Marketing reporting is no longer manual.
Free up valuable analyst time, reduce risk of error, and provide faster time to insight.

 Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Single platform providing ETL, Data Modeling, and Visualization is more cost effective than client-owned licensing and expensive IT projects.

Data Availability
Data can be refreshed on-demand, and is available via device-agnostic dashboards or can easily be scheduled in a variety of formats (pdf, csv, mobile flash reports, and custom data-driven alerts)

Custom Analysis
Leverage out-of-the-box reports or let us build you something custom. Drill down and download row-level data. Data is tailored to your business including custom channel structures and fiscal calendars.

Access to a Team of Marketing and Data Experts
We have hand-on experiences and best practices for campaign and channel measurement

Look Sharp On Any Device

Our dashboards are fully responsive, and will look good on your desktop, tablet, mobile phone, or even a large data wall.

Filter On-the-Fly

Quickly segment and filter your dashboards to see exactly the data you want.

Send and Share

What fun is data if you keep it all to yourself?  Schedule marketing dashboards to yourself, colleagues, or agency partners in a variety of formats.

Drill-down to See More

Dig into your data by using pre-configured drill-downs.

Custom Alerts

Need to know when a something drastic changed? Use our custom alert capability to be notified via email when a major change occurs.

Get Down in the Weeds

Explore the data in its most granular form.  Use our drag-and-drop interface to configure the dimensions and metrics you want to see.  We can also send your unified and cleansed marketing data directly to your preferred database or SFTP.

Data to Action

View your data and quickly open up ad platforms directly from DataHub saving you time and keeping your focus.

Ready to See DataHub in Action?

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Pricing will depend on the number of data sources you want to connect as well as the volume of data.  Please contact us for a demo and a quote.

Typically, the full integration will take 3-4 weeks, but may take longer depending on the number of custom data sources and complexities in your marketing data.  Once we receive data access to your marketing platforms, we start ingesting data immediately.